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Though smoking is not good for the health but research has shown that there are numerous benefits associated with smoking though it is not advisable to become addicted to it.

The following are the benefits of smoking

1.SMOKING REDUCES RISK OF KNEE REPLACEMENT INJURY: Studies have shown that smoking have the tendency of not suffering from knee replacement injury, this injury are common to joggers and athletes and since smokers don’t jog they don’t stand the chance of suffering from such injury.

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2.SMOKING LOWERS THE RISK OF OBESITY: It has been proven that smoking lowers the risk of having obesity.

In the 1930’s women were advised to take some cigarettes because it causes loss of weight but the toxic of cigarette smoke is harmful to the body.


3.SMOKING ALSO REDUCES THE RISK OF DEATH AFTER SEVERAL HEART ATTACKS:Research that was found in 2005 showed that smoking reduces death by heart attack though smoking will alleviate death, so it is not really good to get addicted to smoking

It has been shown that most smokers die of heart attack.

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4.SMOKING REDUCES RISK OF HAVING PARKINSON’S DISEASE:The most recent study, published in2010, involved 305,468 people between the ages of 50 and 71. smokers were 44 percent less likely to develop the disease. Those who had smoked for at least 40 years were 46 percent less likely to develop Parkinson’s disease.

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5.SMOKING REDUCES STRESS:Though this is still not clear but recent studies have shown signs that smokers have less stress but there are still some things that can reduce your stress like relaxing, playing, eating good food and being happy.


It is still not good idea to become smoker because there are so many health disadvantage associated with it.

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