Being pregnant is associated with so many signs but so many women are naive about this,that’s why I have created this simple post to explain in details some changes that women will notice during their pregnancy period.

The signs and their details are below.

1.NAUSEA:This may come in form of early morning sickness, it is on of the early signs of pregnancy and it comes at about two weeks after pregnancy. Though sometimes it may come in the afternoon and sometimes it is triggered up by smell or odour perceived by the pregnant woman, sometimes nausea does not involve vomiting

2.TENDER SWOLLEN BREAST:Due to the increase in level of hormones accumulated in the body increases the size of the breast. As this change occurs,it may be noticed by the pregnant woman.

3.FATIGUE:some women feel tired during their early stage of pregnancy, for some women it lasts for about 3 to 4 weeks while for some it lasts for about 2 weeks.

4.RAISED BASAL BODY TEMPERATURE:The body’s basal temperature rises soon after your ovulation and continues to maintain that temperature till your next ovulation but when this temperature stays elevated above the normal temperature for more than two weeks then you’re probably pregnant.

5.MOOD SWINGS:Ifyou’re having mixed feelings maybe sometimes you feel that something good will happen and sometimes you’re afraid of negative that ngs also happening at the same time.

6.URINATING FREQUENTLY:Due to increase in number of hormones it thereby increases the amount of blood being pumped into the kidney resulting to increase in the formation of urine and making the bladder to be filled up frequently and causing urination more often.

7.FOOD AVERSIONS:You may start to experience aversions for food due to increase in level of oestrogen in your body system and it may even result to loss of appetite.

8.MISSED PERIOD: If you are regular on checking your period and you noticed that your period didn’t come when it was supposed to come,then you’re pregnant but if you don’t count your period then the above signs will assure you that you’re pregnant.


Eating a healthy food is one of the things that is needed for your brain to fiction properly,although the brain doesn’t have one food but there some combination of food that gives the brain more ability to function                                          The brain is a vital part of the body that controls all the action of the body,it needs to be nourished for with good,below are some of the foods needed by the brain to function.

1.WHOLE GRAINS:These provide the necessary energy needed for proper functioning of the brain cells,whole grains like rice,cereal e.t.c contain good amount of energy that is required.


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2.PUMPKING SEEDS:Pumpkin seeds provides biost of energy for the brain that makes it function better. At some point, people may experience a “brain fog” where they have trouble concentrating or thinking clearly. Pumpkin seeds helps to clear brain fog.

Pumpkin seeds contain Omega 3 fatty acids, which are acknowledged for their benefit to healthy brain development, helping in memory and improving mental health. Zinc, also found in the kernels, aids in healthy brain function. In addition, pumpkin seeds contain magnesium and Glutamate, known for reducing anxiety and having a calming effect on the brain. The high levels of the amino acid Tryptophan in the kernels may reduce feelings of mild depression, and it converts to serotonin, recognized as nature’s sleeping pill. A good night’s sleep can make a huge impact on a person’s ability to handle stress and regulate moods.

With so many positive attributes, these small seeds can make a large impact on brain health and function. To receive the nutritional benefits of pumpkin seeds, incorporate them into your diet as a salty or sweet addition. The kernels may be used as a salad or dessert topper or a great addition to a favorite recipe. Though pumpkin seeds are available year round, this is the time of year when fresh pumpkins are readily available.

Never throw away a pumpkin seeds while using the pumpkin, it contains so many nutrients that is highly needed by the brain.


3.images (6)SAGE:The main active components of common sage appears to be its essential oil, which chiefly contain ketones; alpha-thujone, and ß-thujone. Besides, it also contains numerous other compounds, including cineol, borneol, tannic acid;bitter substances like cornsole and cornsolic acid; fumaric, chlorogenic, caffeic and nicotinic acids; nicotinamide; flavones; flavone glycosides and estrogenic substances. Altogether, these compounds known to have counter-irritant, rubefacient, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, anti-fungal and antiseptic properties.

All these nutrients put together improve memory and concentration.


4.BLACKCURRANTS:Recent studies have shown that juice from a specific  Zealand blackcurrant cultivar, ‘Blackadder’, also reduced the activity of a family of enzymes called monoamine oxidases, which regulate serotonin and dopamine concentrations in the brain.

This research has shown that New Zealand-grown blackcurrants does not  only increase mental performance, but also reduce the activity of monoamine oxidases.

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5.BROCCOLI:Brocolli inprovies brain power by providing the brain with vitamin K,it also keeps brain and memory sharp.

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6.TOMATOES:Takong tomatoes is one of the best way to improve your brain ability since it contains carotenoids which is essential for the brain since the brain is mainly made of fats.download (11).jpg


        ABOUT GINGER                            The plant originated from China,it’s rhizome is the part that is used as a spice, it is used in cooking many Asian foods,it also finds application in curing some common disease such as gastrointestinal diseases and it is also used as pain reliever,it also aids digestion.

  • Ginger contains the following active  compounds: gingerol, shogaol, paradol, zingerone, zerumbone, 1-dehydro-(10)-gingerdione, terpenoids, and flavonoids.
  • All of these compounds have antioxidant activities, while some of them have anti-tumor, anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving, antimicrobial, and liver-protecting activities. 

             BENEFITS OF GINGER     

The following has been shown as the health benefits of taking ginger daily.


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         Daily taking of ginger relives pain,it is as effective as declofenac.it reduces pain without any problem,it is advisable to take ginger regularly you can use it to season food or you can juice it and drink.


download (8)                  Ginger helps people with some allergies and asthma,

Zerumbone which is an active ingredient in ginger, enhances the Th1 response and helps with Th2 allergic response to egg white protein  in mice.

  • Ginger helps with asthma by suppressing Th2-mediated immune response inmice.e


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           It has been found out that Ginger has the ability to cure nausea related diseases especially morning sicknesses which follows pregnancy.

According to  review of 12 studies that included a total of 1,278 pregnant women, about  1.1-1.5 grams of ginger which can be in form of juice may significantly reduce symptoms of nausea.

  • Ginger may also relieve nausea and vomiting after surgery, and in cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy.


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Ginger has the ability to lower the risks of having blood pressure, this was gotten from a recently conducted result arch but it has to be examined properly before it can be prescribed.


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GInger helps in the digestion process of food so in any case of indigestion, ginger can but applied and it will aid the process and digest the food.



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Though smoking is not good for the health but research has shown that there are numerous benefits associated with smoking though it is not advisable to become addicted to it.

The following are the benefits of smoking

1.SMOKING REDUCES RISK OF KNEE REPLACEMENT INJURY: Studies have shown that smoking have the tendency of not suffering from knee replacement injury, this injury are common to joggers and athletes and since smokers don’t jog they don’t stand the chance of suffering from such injury.

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2.SMOKING LOWERS THE RISK OF OBESITY: It has been proven that smoking lowers the risk of having obesity.

In the 1930’s women were advised to take some cigarettes because it causes loss of weight but the toxic of cigarette smoke is harmful to the body.


3.SMOKING ALSO REDUCES THE RISK OF DEATH AFTER SEVERAL HEART ATTACKS:Research that was found in 2005 showed that smoking reduces death by heart attack though smoking will alleviate death, so it is not really good to get addicted to smoking

It has been shown that most smokers die of heart attack.

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4.SMOKING REDUCES RISK OF HAVING PARKINSON’S DISEASE:The most recent study, published in2010, involved 305,468 people between the ages of 50 and 71. smokers were 44 percent less likely to develop the disease. Those who had smoked for at least 40 years were 46 percent less likely to develop Parkinson’s disease.

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5.SMOKING REDUCES STRESS:Though this is still not clear but recent studies have shown signs that smokers have less stress but there are still some things that can reduce your stress like relaxing, playing, eating good food and being happy.


It is still not good idea to become smoker because there are so many health disadvantage associated with it.