Being pregnant is associated with so many signs but so many women are naive about this,that’s why I have created this simple post to explain in details some changes that women will notice during their pregnancy period.

The signs and their details are below.

1.NAUSEA:This may come in form of early morning sickness, it is on of the early signs of pregnancy and it comes at about two weeks after pregnancy. Though sometimes it may come in the afternoon and sometimes it is triggered up by smell or odour perceived by the pregnant woman, sometimes nausea does not involve vomiting

2.TENDER SWOLLEN BREAST:Due to the increase in level of hormones accumulated in the body increases the size of the breast. As this change occurs,it may be noticed by the pregnant woman.

3.FATIGUE:some women feel tired during their early stage of pregnancy, for some women it lasts for about 3 to 4 weeks while for some it lasts for about 2 weeks.

4.RAISED BASAL BODY TEMPERATURE:The body’s basal temperature rises soon after your ovulation and continues to maintain that temperature till your next ovulation but when this temperature stays elevated above the normal temperature for more than two weeks then you’re probably pregnant.

5.MOOD SWINGS:Ifyou’re having mixed feelings maybe sometimes you feel that something good will happen and sometimes you’re afraid of negative that ngs also happening at the same time.

6.URINATING FREQUENTLY:Due to increase in number of hormones it thereby increases the amount of blood being pumped into the kidney resulting to increase in the formation of urine and making the bladder to be filled up frequently and causing urination more often.

7.FOOD AVERSIONS:You may start to experience aversions for food due to increase in level of oestrogen in your body system and it may even result to loss of appetite.

8.MISSED PERIOD: If you are regular on checking your period and you noticed that your period didn’t come when it was supposed to come,then you’re pregnant but if you don’t count your period then the above signs will assure you that you’re pregnant.

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